Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colorado Part Two

I know that God made the world and all the little details. It is amazing to think of all the different aspects of our world. I know God is a God that is all knowing and all seeing but seriously that is ALOT of details - body parts, plants, animals, climates, regions of the world, space, and all the aspects of each of these things. I can't even remember the things and events to keep my family of four running smoothly yet God is so powerful that he crafted this world and all the people, plants and animals in it. I promise I have a point - hang tight. While I was in Colorado, I spent sometime reading and just being. It was unbelievable just to sit and take it all in. If you have ever been to the mountains you know just how vast and magical they stand. This picture takes me back to those thoughts in feelings in Colorado. I know I serve an awesome God but in that vast environment it made me realize just how small I am on the Earth - just a speck really. Yet the God that created it all loves me. He is on my side, crafting my life for the good of me.

After reflecting on how powerful God is, it is no wonder I don't understand why things happen the way they do. How can I possibly understand that? While smart people like biologist, doctors, scientist, and such have figured a few things out but nothing near the knowledge that God possesses. There is still so much that is unknown. It should come as no surprise then when something comes up in our own lives, we don't understand why. However, I do know that God created it all and He is control. He is on my side and if He is for me than who my friends can be against me?

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